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Open License for information on the website of the 4IL


This website is managed and maintained by the Ministry of Strategic Affairs (hereinafter “the Ministry”) the above website content (hereinafter: the Information) is protected by copyright owned by the State of Israel or owned by third parties.

Use of the Information is permitted only in accordance with the terms of this License. The Ministry may change the terms of this License at any time, with any such change taking effect immediately upon being posted on the Ministry’s website. Use of the Information will be subject to the terms of the License that were in effect at the date and time the Information was accessed from the website.



In this License:

“Information” – means a work protected by copyright law made accessible to the public through the Ministry’s website, including: compilations of data (including databases and data files), tables, graphs, charts, photographs, illustrations, videos and text, all subject to the provisions of the Israel Copyright Law, 2007. It should be noted that under section 5-6 of the above law there is no copyright in statutes, regulations, Knesset Protocols and judicial decisions of the court or any other governmental entities having judicial authority according to law. Also, copyright shall not extend to ideas, procedures and methods of operation, mathematical concepts, facts or data, and news of the day in and of themselves – however it shall extend to their expression.

“Use” – means doing any act in relation to the Information that is restricted by copyright law, regardless of the medium in which the Information is embodied, and including but not limited to copying, distributing, making available to the public, creating derivative works and changes as may be necessary technically to use it in a different state or a different format .

“Value added product” – means any products you have produced by adapting or incorporating the Information, in whole or in part, in accordance with this agreement.

“You”, “you” and “your” – means a natural person or legal entity or corporate body.


Use of information under this License

Use of the Information indicates your acceptance of the terms and conditions of this license, to the extent that such acceptance is required by law.

This license grants you a worldwide, royalty-free, perpetual and non-exclusive license to the Information subject to the conditions below.

This license does not derogate from the uses permitted under law, including fair use as well as the use of facts and figures in and of themselves in a manner that does not infringe on the protection of the originality in the selection and arrangement of the Information or of the data embodied therein.


Permitted Uses

You may copy the Information, distribute it, make it available to the public, broadcast it and use it to create derivative works and adaptations – in any medium or format.

You may make technical changes to the Information needed to fulfill the terms and conditions under this license in any medium or format, provided that they are actually needed.

You may make commercial and non-commercial use of the Information.


Prohibited Uses

You may not make the following use of the Information whether, whether by positive act or by omission:

  • present the Information in a misleading manner;
  • present the Information in a way that suggests that the Ministry of Strategic Affairs, or the State of Israel, supports or endorses you or your use of the Information;
  • make use of the Information in a manner that breaches any applicable law


Acknowledgement of source

When using the Information, you must specify its source as follows, unless otherwise expressly stated: “4IL, [file name / product], [(date of access)], available online: [link to the Information] copied and distributed as is – as is – according to the 4IL license at the website [link to the terms of use]. ”

For example, 4IL, Nick Cave To Perform in Israel “Because of BDS” s (2.5.2018), available online: https://4il.org.il/nick-cave-to-perform-in-israel-because-of-bds/ copied and distributed as is in accordance with the 4IL license at our website.

When using data extracted from the Information in a manner that does not preserve the originality on the selection or arrangement of the data in its source, you shall not acknowledge the source.


Scope of this license

This license does not apply to:

  • personal data in the Information;
  • Information accessed illegally or without permission, including by circumventing technological measures meant to protect it;
  • logos of the Ministry or of the State of Israel, except where they form an integral part of a document;
  • third-party rights the Ministry is not authorized to license;
  • working papers and studies published on this site for which the authors alone are responsible. Use is allowed according to the limitations and exceptions prescribed by law, including fair use, or any other use subject to the consent of the copyright holder/s.
  • photographs – copyright in photographs on this site belong to third parties. Use of these photographs is allowed according to the limitations and exclusions prescribed by law, including fair use, or any other use subject to the consent of the copyright holder/s;
  • rights other than copyright, including patents, trademarks and designs;
  • computer code and applications by which this website functions.


Copyright in value-added products

Copyright in your value-added products will be owned by you or anyone you designate. However, should any information subject to this license be included in your value-added product, copyright in that information will continue to belong to the State of Israel, subject to the terms of this license.



This license does not grant you the any right to use the Information in a way that suggests any official status or that the Ministry sponsors you or your use of the Information or any of your value-added products.


Representations and Disclaimer

The Information is licensed “AS IS”, and the Ministry excludes all representations, warranties, obligations and liabilities, whether explicit or implied, in relation to the Information, including as regards the suitability of the Information for your use, including use in your value-added products.

The Ministry is not liable for any error or omission in the Information and shall not be held liable for any loss, injury or damage of any kind, whether direct or indirect, caused by its use to you or to third parties.

The Ministry is not liable for changes made to the Information by you or by any third party.

The Ministry does not promise or undertake to ensure the continued supply of information or the continued supply a certain format.

The Ministry reserves the right to remove information from the website or make changes in it at any time.



Breach of this license will result in immediate termination. Conditions that by their nature continue to exist even after the termination of the license shall continue to apply, including but not limited to conditions regarding acknowledgment of source, representations and disclaimers.


Governing Law and Venue

This license is subject to the laws of the State of Israel. Jerusalem’s courts have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any question arising from the use of this license, including with respect to its violation.



No party to this License shall be deemed to have waived fulfillment of the conditions of the license or to have agreed to a breach of its conditions, unless the waiver or consent shall be in writing and signed by the party to it.



This license covers all the rights granted to you regarding the Information on the Ministry website, except for exceptions and limitations prescribed by law, including fair use.



Questions about this license may be directed via email to 4il@pmo.gov.il.


May 3. 2018