Study: BDS On Campus Leads To Physical Violence

The link between hate speech and violence is alive today in the form of BDS and increasingly violent on American campuses.

A study recently done by AMCHA Initiative reveals that there is a strong connection between physical violence experienced by Jews and those who express support for Israel on campus.

The study found that campuses with BDS faculty members are up to 7 times more likely to have incidents of assault, harassment or destruction of property against Jewish students. Faculty members who are boycotters are up to 12 times more likely to bring BDS supporting speakers and these these speakers are more likely to legitimize violence against those who express support for Israel.

“The incredibly strong association of students’ anti-Zionist expression and acts of anti-Jewish hostility indicates a possible and dangerous chain reaction: BDS-supporting speaker-events incite anti-Zionist expression among students, which in turn increases the likelihood of anti-Jewish incidents,” note the researchers.

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