BDS This Week — October 14 – October 20, 2018

On the Lookout: Activities Happening This Week — May 20- May 26, 2018

Listed below is a list of some of the key activities, events, discussions, screenings, and panels happening this week related to Israel and the delegitimization movement against it.

This Week:

  1. Sunday, October 14, Seattle, Birmingham, UK — Palestine Solidarity Campaign UK, HSBC: Stop Arming Israel Day School
    — Organised jointly by Boycott Israel Network, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and War on Want And with attendance from the Boycott National Committee (BNC). A meet up and plan the strategy for action on HSBC and discuss how the HSBC campaign forms one element of the larger Stop Arming Israel Campaign.
  2. Sunday, October 14, Seattle, Birmingham, UK — Globaliseringskonferansen, Panelsamtale: Kairos og BDS – Kristne palestineres motstandskamp
    — Norway’s Christian Student Union, the Palestine Youth Ecumenical Movement (PYEM), and the Palestinian Committee invite a panel discussion on the Palestinian “resistance”.
  3. Sunday, October 14, Seattle, Birmingham, UK —  Independent Jewish Voices -IJV: 10 Years of Solidarity for Justice in Palestine
    — a celebration of IJV’s ten year anniversary to include guest speakers such as Diana Buttu, Rebecca Vilkomerson and others.


  1. Sweden’s PGS, PABI and others are calling on the European Broadcasting Union, participating countries and the public to boycott the Eurovision Song Contest in Israel in 2019.
  2. JVP is running its “Deadly Exchange” campaign against the training of US law enforcement officials in Israel.


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