Israeli Special Forces Thwart Massive Terror Attack on Israel-Gaza Border

Elite Maglan soldiers were called to the scene, repelled attacks by eight armed Hamas terrorists

Reports from the IDF show that yesterday, in the afternoon hours, an intelligence update was received regarding Hamas operatives preparing to cross the security fence in the northern Gaza Strip. IDF special unit soldiers arrived at the scene, and engaged with eight armed terror operatives who began hurling pipe bombs and grenades at the security fence and the soldiers.

(Credit: IDF Spokesperson Unit)

The troops used riot dispersal means in order to distant the terrorists from the security fence. In response, the terrorists fired at the soldiers. The special unit soldiers responded with fire towards the terrorists, operated accurately and professionally and thwarted a significant shooting attack directed at IDF soldiers. Following the troops’ activity, an IDF tank and an IAF aircraft targeted military positions belonging to the Hamas terror organization in the northern Gaza Strip.

After the attack, various weapons were found at the scene dropped by the Hamas Terror operatives.

This comes after Israeli intelligence reported that 24 of Palestinians killed in yesterday’s clashes belonged to terror organizations. The report also stressed that the vast majority of the terrorist killed were members of Hamas’s military wing, which is defined as a terror group by the EU, Canada, US and Israel.

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