IDF Releases Photos and Video of Destroyed Terror Infrastructure After Rocket Barrage

Targets include weapon production facility, drone storage, and naval base.

The IDF has release aerial photos detailing some of the terror targets that were attacked by the IDF on Tuesday, including weapons manufacturing sites used by the Hamas terror organization for self-production.


The IDF strike damaged the immediate stockpile of weapons available to the terror organization and also affected the financial investment required to develop weapons in the future. The strike of these terror sites is a significant blow to Hamas’ military buildup capabilities.

(Credit: IDF)

Hamas’ naval forces were also significantly degraded and a large part of its posts and production facilities for special weapons were destroyed.

(Credit: IDF)

In addition, the vast majority of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s (PIJ) naval force compounds were destroyed. These compounds were used by the Hamas and the PIJ naval forces for training with advanced weaponry, and also offered those terrorist forces staging grounds from where they could carry out terror attacks against Israel.

(Credit: IDF)

The strike affected the ability of the naval forces to operate in the Gaza Strip and makes it difficult for the terror organization to conduct maritime operations as well.

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