Hamas Slams Germany for Recognizing Israel as Jewish State

The terror group which controls the Gaza Strip, Hamas, attacks Germany Bundestag after passing resolution recognizing Israel as Jewish State

In a move in which the Hamas terror group deemed “destabilizes the region and the world”, Germany’s Bundestag passed a resolution recognizing Israel Jewish character with an overwhelming majority.

Hamas “strongly condemned” the Bundestag on Sunday, which passed a resolution surrounding Israel’s celebration of its 70th independence. The resolution calls for the recognition of Israel as a Jewish state and urges Berlin to confront groups opposed to Israel’s existence.

In a lengthy statement, the terror group rebuked German lawmakers,  criticizing them for failing to mention Israel’s alleged crimes against the Palestinian people.

On Thursday, the Bundestag passed with an overwhelming majority a five-page resolution hailing the various aspects of bilateral ties, including Berlin’s unwavering commitment to Israel’s security. All parties, including two opposition lists, voted in favor of the text, except one faction on the far left, which abstained.

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