BDS Pressuring Ireland to Cancel Friendly Match Vs. Israel

This is the second time in 2018 a friendly match between Israel and a national team is being called for

Coming on the heels of the cancelled friendly match between Israel and the Argentinian National Team prior to this year’s World Cup, BDS activists in Ireland are calling for the cancellation of the upcoming match between Ireland and Israel.

This time their target is the match between Israel and Northern Ireland, which is scheduled for 11 September in Belfast. The friendly has been condemned by Palestinian groups who have called on the Northern Irish Football Association (IFA) to rethink its decision to host the match.

Irish political party Sinn Féin backed the Palestinian call for the cancellation. Culture Arts and Sport spokesperson Sinéad Ennis called on the IFA to cancel the international friendly saying that she had made the request on “the back of the recent massacre of over 100 demonstrators and the maiming of thousands more by the Israeli army”.

“Sinn Féin support the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) campaign against Israel under which cultural, academic and sporting links fall,” Ennis added in her comments revealing details of the meeting with the IFA.

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