Ariel Gold, Prominent Code Pink BDS Activist, Barred Entry into Israel

Gold, a senior member in the far-left organization Code Pink, was banned re-entry into the country after her last visit.

Israeli officials barred a Jewish pro-Palestinian activist from entering the country late Sunday and began proceedings to deport her over her support for a boycott of the country.

Ariel Gold, an American citizen, previously visited Israel last June  and was active in promoting BDS consistently and continuously against the State of Israel. During her stay, Gold continued to act against the State of Israel. This included the distribution of two videos on social media networks in which she harassed IDF soldiers and Border Police officers in Hebron, accusing the soldiers of apartheid and oppression, and that their actions were incompatible with Jewish values. Upon her departure from Israel, she was provided with a letter explaining to her that future entry to Israel would be permitted only subject to the arrangement of her arrival in advance.

Gold holds a senior position in Code Pink, a feminist organization that actively supports and promotes BDS. The organization is involved in various Israel boycott campaigns including, HP, Airbnb, Ahava and Remax and Soda Stream. As part of her activity against HP, Gold retweeted posts from BDS organizations calling for a boycott against the company due to its cooperation in the “restriction of Palestinian movement” and the laundering of “Israeli crimes.” She is also currently involved in a campaign in favor of an arms embargo on Israel.

Gold other Israel-boycott activities includes calls against the LGBT parade in Tel Aviv, arms trades with Israel and other calls to embargo Israel and its citizens.

Gold had reportedly come to Israel on a visa to take part in a Jewish studies program at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In interviews, she has spoken of her desire to learn more about Judaism. However, Israeli officials believed she was actually here to urge support for a boycott of Israel and therefore barred her entry last night.


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