After Terror Attacks Along Israel-Gaza Border, Hamas Refuses IDF Aid to Gaza

Humanitarian convoy consist of six trucks of medical aid, supplies

The IDF Spokesperson Unit contributed to this report.

The terror organization Hamas has reportedly sent back humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip from Israel. The six trucks are filled with humanitarian aid packages being sent through the Kerem Shalom Crossing, in coordination with the IDF. Four of the trucks belong to the Palestinian Authority and the other two belong to UNICEF.

Additionally, in order to increase the humanitarian aid, two trucks with medical supplies, were transferred by the IDF to Gaza.

(Credit: IDF Spokesperson Unit)

The humanitarian aid includes medical equipment such as fluids, bandages, equipment for treating children, disinfectants, auxiliary equipment as well as fuel that will be distributed in the future. 53 tons of medical equipment was transferred to the Gaza Strip this week. The humanitarian aid transferred this week to the Gaza Strip represents the different policies that exist between those who take part in terror activity and the innocent population in Gaza who needs the humanitarian aid.

The following humanitarian aid was transferred: over 14,000 RL solution intravenous material of 500 milliliters (fluids), over 2,000 Septal Scrub disinfectant units and approximately 5,000 Spetol disinfectant units, 20 examination tables, 100 patients’ nightshirts, 20 physical therapy treadmills, 25 IV poles, approximately 85,000 disinfection pads and over 12,500 bandages. These are approximately 40 pallets of medical equipment, transferred by two large trucks.

The humanitarian convey follow a day of terror attacks and violent riots along the Gaza-Israel border.

Weapons found at the scene of the attack.

4,000 rioters participated in riots along the Gaza Strip border at five locations, including an attack by eight armed terrorists who were quickly neutralized by IDF forces in the area. The rioters hurled firebombs at IDF soldiers and at the security fence, and burned tires out of an intention to ignite fires in Israeli territory and harm IDF soldiers.

IDF troops responded with riot dispersal means and fired live rounds selectively, and operated according to standard operating procedures.

In addition, violent riots took place in 14 locations throughout Judea and Samaria, with the participation of 700 violent rioters. The rioters hurled rocks and firebombs at security forces. The forces responded with riot dispersal means and are prepared for a variety of scenarios.

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